Posted: August 8, 2013

Africa has been growing at tremendous pace in the last decade. The latest statistics by the World Bank show that in 2012, more than a quarter of the countries grew at 7% or higher with countries like Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Rwanda listed among the fastest growing in the world.

The bank predicts the continent will grow at an average 5% in the next two years, an enviable rate to many non-African nations.

While many foreign companies may have hesitated to invest before because of issues like political instability, underdeveloped infrastructure and perceived lack of trained labor force, the situation has been transforming.

In March, Kenya held peaceful elections despite many investors were afraid of political violence that would rock the economy. This coupled with the country’s recent oil discovery and one of the most vibrant Stocks Exchange in Africa more foreign investment is expected.

Ghana has for a long time enjoyed economic and political stability, even when the rest of the continent seemed to be in turmoil. It also boasts of abundant natural resources- just like its oil-rich west African neighbor, Nigeria.

South Africa boasts of world class infrastructure and cutting edge technology.

Every country in Africa has its own strategic advantage, leaving investors with a wide variety to chose from.

In addition, the continent’s regional economic blocs like the Economic Community of West African States( ECOWAS), East Africa Community (EAC), Southern Africa,n Development Community (SADC) are showing presents multinationals with an irresistible opportunity to expand to the other regional states.

All indications are that Africa is the next investment frontier. Unfortunately , with every exciting opportunity comes certain risks.

In every country, every investor will find rogue individuals or companies that want to gain fraudulently, yet law enforcement agencies may not be as effective or discreet as desired. The Criminals target both individuals and corporates and with now availability of broadband they have been able to utilise online tools in their attempts to defraud.

Emerging Markets Invest Group(EMI-GROUP) ( http://eminvestgroup.com ) a multinational consultancy based in New Jersey assists investors mitigate business risks associated with doing business in Africa. It has regional offices in Accra, Lagos, Nairobi, Abidjan and Johannesburg and presence in all the major markets in Africa

EMI-GROUP has over 20 years experience helping American companies and non-governmental organisations do business in emerging markets. The company has seen Africa transform from a dark continent to a prime destination for investors.

The company has highly trained professionals, working round the clock to help clients deal some of the common and sophisticates Financial and Insurance fraud activities.

Global insurers will find value in EMI-GROUP services whether it is in verifying contestable claims, homicide or accidental death claims or travel claims.

It has teams dispersed in the African markets which include professional consultants, detectives and investigators to provide prompt investigation for questionable claims.

EMI-GROUP has built a reputation among global insurance and financial companies for uncovering fraudulent claims in African countries which are on the rise, like in any other market.

Official documents in most African countries, including death certificates and burial permits, are sometimes hand-written and easy to alter. the group applies proved and reliable authentication processes that eliminates chances of using fraudulent documents while settling claims.

Before doing business in Africa, investors may consider different market penetration strategies which could either be through acquisition of operating companies, mergers or fresh startups. each strategy has its own risks.

EMI-GROUP help investors on whichever strategy they chose to adopt. Some of its risk management services include international due diligence, business intelligence on a company or its directors, financial and court records, surveillance facilities, identification of political risk factors and international suppliers verification.

The professionals also offer consultancy for investors looking for new market opportunities in the emerging markets and advice on how to deal with the risks encountered.

Doing business in Africa should come easier because your interests in all major and growing African Markets are protected, from Cape to Cairo.

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